March 15-17, 2013

36th Annual Adult Hi Neighbor Volleyball Tournament,  March 15-17, 2013

Your team is cordially invited to the 36th Annual Adult Hi Neighbor Volleyball Tournament.  

The Hi Neighbor has been a part of volleyball in the southeast for longer than many of the current players have been alive. It’s more than a local tournament; for many it is a team, or even a family, tradition!

The Hi Neighbor provides the opportunity to test your team against opponents from outside your region. Meet new players and renew old acquaintances.  Enjoy the game, and the Social, again!

We are a USAV sanctioned tournament. The usual uniform and referee requirements are in effect. 

Still, we are very pleased to offer increased opportunity for “alternative” teams again this year!

For those of you who attended last year... things are just about exactly the same!

 *  Simplified Registration, at our google-docs site: TeamREGISTRATION

  *  “NON-USAV” Teams are now welcome! (Use the TeamRegistration link above & read details, below)

Entry Deadline 

To be guaranteed a place in the Hi Neighbor, you must register your team online by Sunday March 10, 2013

Registrations are not complete until your check reaches our offices.

Remember, we accept entries on a first come, first serve basis. 


Make checks payable to: ASHEVILLE VOLLEYBALL CLUB
    Please make a note on the check that makes clear which team (name and division) you are registering!

Regular USAV teams pay only the $175 registration fee...

“Non-Traditional” teams pay the registration, plus:
            the USAV “Event Fee” of $10 per player,
            $50/team/day for Professional Referees

Mail your Payment of $175 (plus any applicable non-member or referee fees) to:

Asheville Parks and Recreation Department – Athletics Office

72 Gashes Creek Rd.Asheville, NC  28805

Attn:  Mark Halstead


Mountain LODGE


    Last year we became great friends with The Mountain Lodge, near Flat Rock!
            With two buildings to choose from, you can opt for "Party Hotel" or "quiet hotel" all at one freeway exit!
            Great hospitality. 
                Great Rooms. 
                    Great rate.
            We are delighted to return to the Lodge...

Rate includes Party Tickets!




*    Register for our Friday Golf Tournament:

*    Find-a-Player / Find-a-Team

*    Learn your gym and pool assignments (link under construction)

*    Download Directions to playing sites

* View Pool and Playoff Results (link under construction)

* See Photographs from the event!
(posts during event)

* Check out our FAQ below, or write to Keith directly!


Please note: NO REFUNDS, period.
While we regret the necessity for this policy, experience has proven this to be “the only way.”
Roster/player problems? Drop Keith an email... maybe we can help.

Does your team still NEED-A-PLAYER?
Do you know of any PLAYER-THAT-NEEDS-A-TEAM?
Post both on our new self-service web-page (link above)

Player Movement (for Carolina Region Teams only)
Please visit our info page:
2013 Player Movement Info from the Carolina Region

USAV Registration and Certification

Direct from our Region office:

“The Hi Neighbor is a sanctioned USA Volleyball tournament, and as such all teams and players must be fully registered with their Regional Volleyball Association prior to the event and in accordance with their Region’s registration requirements. (see single event registration, below)  

USAV Uniform rules will be enforced.  
Teams are required to have certified referees and scorekeepers in accordance with their Region’s policies. 
Carolina Region teams, in particular, are reminded that to be eligible for the Hi Neighbor, they must complete their referee and score-keeping certifications.”

Keith's Version:
Each year we get several inquiries along the lines of
    "Does my team have to be a USAV-registered team, in order to play in Hi Neighbor?" and... 
    "Do I have to have USAV-Certified referees and scorekeepers?"  

Well here's the pitch:
    Regular USAV teams pay only the $175 registration fee...
    But are advised to be certain of their eligibility and referee certification status

    “NON-USAV” Teams are now welcome!

It’s taken us a while to work it out... and it involves some fees....

but you don’t HAVE to be a “regular” USAV team to come have fun at Hi Neighbor

    “Non-Traditional” teams must pay:
            the USAV “Event Fee” of $10 per player,
            the regular team registration fee of $175, plus
            $50/team/day for Professional Referees
(but hey.. that might be cheaper than annual usav team + player fees, huh?)

Any other questions or problems?

If you have any questions, please email:
Registration / Team / Travel / Player / Rule Questions:

Keith Murlless at

Other issues, contact our Tournament Director

Mark Halstead at  

Thanks for your continued interest and support of the

Hi Neighbor Volleyball Tournament!